Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Larry King Live: Jesse Ventura, Sean Astin and Michele Bachmann

I was half dozing on the sofa a few minutes ago as my dad watched Larry King Live. King had Jesse Ventura, Sean Astin and Michele Bachmann on tonight. Listening to Bachmann I knew that she was not someone I could agree with, but then she responded to Larry's question about if she has health care coverage with a yes, which lead him to, of course, follow up with if she felt others deserved to have healthcare coverage as well. She said something along the lines of "Well, no, because I work for my healthcare."

Sean Astin had it right on target in his perspective on it, that people that are trying, that are not just slacking off to live off the system, should not be ruined financially because they have to visit a doctor without health insurance.

I have a bill right here in front of me for my dad, a 2o minute visit to his doctor in February, that we had to wait four damn hours before she even saw him, the doctor's office is charging his insurance $780.39. And the doctor did not even do anything. She listened to his heart and lungs, then spent most of the office visit talking about how bad what President Obama was doing was for her business.

Well gee... excuse me if I have no pity on someone that charges 80 year old WWII vets close to $800 for sleeping in an uncomfortable chair in their waiting room for 4 hours. And that was AFTER we had called in to make sure we showed up when the doctor could see him, had we shown up on time he would have been waiting close to six hours.

But I digress. What about me? Well, around a year ago I had to go to the local walk-in clinic. Spent an hour waiting in PAIN for a doctor to see me. He walked into the room, peeked into my mouth, said "Yup, you have a infection in your jaw. You should go to a dentist." And wrote me a prescription for pain medication and penicillin. $40 for the pain meds, $60+ on the penicillian, and $99 for the two minutes the doctor took to write the prescriptions. $199+ for me to go get two minutes worth of help for an infected tooth in my jaw.

I work my butt off working two jobs from home, and while doing that I spend all my time taking care of my dad. Now, the government tells me they will pay a stranger a couple of thousand dollars a month to come take care of my dad for 8 hours so I can leave the house to work, but I can not even get help with health insurance?

Tell me, Ms. Bachmann... why is it that you are more entitled to get health care than I am? I'm not asking for a handout, but I would like health insurance that I can afford on a measly $65 to $200 I can earn on a good month working. President Obama wants to help people like me, who fight and struggle and want a little help keeping the big companies from shoving me aside as too insignificant to help. I want for you to give me one good reason why you and people like you are better than me and others like me.

Oh, and I lost a LOT of respect for you when the first thing I saw on your website was Sarah Palin. It says something about your character that you have a broad that lies to senior citizens and then cuts out on her duties (crying that the press is harassing her) so she can angle to make money off book deals and angle for a TV show and aim her sights on the White House in 2012. It would be a serious mistake if Palin were elected to the White House and if I was in politics the LAST thing I would want to have is an association with a liar that can't even keep her promises to members of our country's greatest generation, and takes off less than halfway through her elected term as a governor.

Rant over, I just really was not impressed with Ms. Bachmann when I heard what she had to say on Larry King, and would like to say THANK YOU to Jesse Ventura and Sean Astin!

(Repost because my best friend beat on me for typoing her favorite actor's name ::::still ducking::: )