Monday, April 19, 2010

Gareth David-Lloyd penned Torchwood comic for official Torchwood Magazine

Okay, y'all know I am a fan of Torchwood, at least until they murdered the character Ianto Jones, so it should not be surprising that I have to share this. And besides, it is on topic with the post I made about getting your story posted in the official Torchwood Magazine.

There is a comic titled ‘Shrouded’ in the April 15th issue of Torchwood Magazine, that focus on the character Ianto Jones and was written by Gareth David-Lloyd, the actor who portrayed the character in the series. And illustrated by Pia Guerra.

In talking about the focus of the comic David-Lloyd says, “I feel I know this character implicitly. The narrative of this comic focuses predominantly on Ianto, and integrates a number of characters who have been missed by Torchwood’s ardent followers.”

The comic is a two part comic, with the first part appearing in the April 15th issue of the Official Torchwood Magazine.

I plan to pick up my copy today.