Monday, April 19, 2010

Gold Investing

My mom and I talked a lot over the years about gold panning and hunting for gold. And as my dad's full-time caregiver, I have a lot of time to lean back in my chair and take a good long look at my life and think about where I want to be in my own retirement years. Thinking about where I want to be in my retirement years invariably leads me to thinking about what kind of investment I might want to make in a retirement portfolio.

Gold, probably because of my mom, is one of the investments that I have always wanted to add to my portfolio. Over the years the price of gold has risen steadily, even with occasional declines, which makes it an ideal investment for long term investing for retirement.

Those looking to diversify their portfolio might buy gold coins to be put in their private collection or deposited in a bank or depository.

The United States Gold Bureau, a precious metals investment company headquartered in Austin, Texas, can assist investors in buying gold and other precious metals in coin or ingot form, with the coins being available for personal delivery or the hard asset professionals an assist in arranging for storage in an independent bank or depository.

This post sponsored by United States Gold Bureau.