Monday, May 17, 2010

Summertime - allmost all dogs outside

With the summer weather here, the dogs are almost fully outside dogs now. Shy Girl still comes in every once in a while, and so does BB, but poor Bear only wants to come in when it is raining. I can't blame the guy, he is a rather large dog, and the warmth of inside can not be anywhere near as comfortable for him as the cool mid 50's that he can relax in outside.

I have been working on making some pet beds to go into the dog houses. My brother threw together a basic dog house the other day, but I want to get some more study dog houses built and set up runs that I can let the dogs loose inside of.

BB is far too much of an escape artist for me to trust her in a kennel full time, and Bear is just brute force strength, so the tie areas will still need to be kept, but when I am out side I don't want them to have to be tied, and I do not want neighbor dogs to be able to get over by them. Combination of kennel run and the ability to tie them when I will be unable to keep an eye on them makes the most sense.

Now I just need to get out there and get things set up and find the funds for the building materials.