Saturday, June 19, 2010

High Tech Security

Guest post written by Colby West.

It was two weeks ago that I heard about my neighbors. They had gone away for the weekend. They left their college son in charge of the house. They did not own any pets and the neighborhood was a part of community neighborhood watch. Their son checked the house a couple of times during the day on Friday and Saturday. His parents came back from their weekend trip on Sunday and called him around 5 pm with the bad news, a burglary.

I visited my neighbors later in the evening and recommended they purchase a Home Security Alarm System. I mentioned to them that the systems are available in most hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Depending on style or technology, a good system would cost anywhere from $129.00 to $549.00. The choices include driveway alarms, fire safety, home audio, simple burglar alarms and even customized surveillance systems with security cameras. I encouraged them to start shopping on About three days later, I discovered they had installed a new alarm in their home. They now have peace of mind and are planning another trip. It was a small investment but well worth it. Their son is very pleased that the home is safer and he plans to stay with the house from now on 24/7 when his parents travel out of town.

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