Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dog-Proof Yard Fenceing on a Budget

I have been thinking for several days how to use things that I have around the yard to create a good dog-proof yard fence that will keep my dogs in and the neighbor dogs out.

I am lucky in that I have some chain link fencing materials scattered around out in the yard as well as some old garden fencing.

Ideally I would like to have some garden timbers that I can build a framework out of, but that is not an option due to low finances, so, I have decided that my best plan is going to be to get some logs and set them into the ground and string the wire from one to the next that way.

I will start out with some steel fence posts that we have around the yard, I just have to pull a few up out of the ground where they have been set for assorted reasons over the years.

My main issue is all three large dogs are fence jumpers so I am going to need to cure them of that, or build a really big fence.

Fence jumper article that I want to find again: Stop fence jumping