Saturday, June 19, 2010

Myrtle Beach hotel

I need a vacation. I really, really need a vacation. I was telling my dad a few days ago how much I had enjoyed my trip a few years back to Georgia and would love to see more of that part of the country. Now, here I am, looking at the website and thinking how nice a vacation in South Carolina sounds.

If I was in a better financial condition right now, I would be so very tempted to pack up a few suitcases for me and dad and book us a week at a Myrtle Beach hotel just so we could get out and recharge from the chaos of life.

It does not help to see the room designs and layouts of the Avista resorts in Myrtle Beach, it is very nice to get to see the kind of room and layout for it beforehand, since I have booked rooms at hotels before that once I got there was a little disappointed by what I had anticipated it might be like and what I found.

The Avista Resort provides floor by floor layout and room plans so that visitors are aware of what their room will be like long before they arrive.

To find out more visit the Avista Resort website at the link above.

This post is sponsored by Avista Resort.