Friday, June 11, 2010

No More Coffee

I went over 35 years without developing a taste for coffee, even if my dad drank multiple cups every day and my mom drank it on occasion. Then, about three years ago, I started drinking the mix cappuccino type coffee, slowly working my way to several cups of that a day. When I was going to Physical Therapy with my dad I got to drinking the courtesy coffee that they had at the therapy place, which lead me to last year making plain drip coffee at home to drink.

By this spring I was drinking at least eight cups of coffee a day. I would finish a cup and immediately go get a refill.

A few days ago I discovered that the shortness of breath I had might be caused by the coffee, so I cut out the coffee. Sure enough, I stopped getting vapor-lock type shortness of breath within a day. So, no more coffee for me. I prefer not to have that particular addiction anyway, chocolate is bad enough without adding coffee to it.