Monday, June 14, 2010

One business at a time

For a while now I have been kicking about the plan to run a second home based business. My intention had been to shift my hobby of quilting into a second business, and to sell quilts at the local craft shows and stuff. Life sort of got in the way of those plans, and things got side tracked to the point that I do not think that I will have the time to dedicate to that and still keep up with my work as a writer, so, I need to back off on the quilting business and focus on my writing until I have rebuilt that from the nasty blow that it suffered from the economy crash.

I still plan to work on quilts, and to get to the point that I can start it up as a second business, however, my little Quilt & Sew machine is not up to the heavy work needed for making quilts to sell, and I need to sort out getting set up for credit card processing if I am going to be selling something like quilts.

For now I need to get my writing back on track to the level that I am able to earn a good steady income from it, so I am thinking I will put the quilting business on hold until the fall when I have more time to dedicate thanks to staying inside more.