Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cutting down the bills

I went over the cable bill a little while ago, looking for ways to cut corners on the monthly bills, and was amazed by just how many channels there are that are never watched. My dad and I will only miss one of the channels that I just downgraded the bill from, the rest were ones that we never watch.

It gets me to thinking just how crazy it is to have over 200 channels and almost all of them go to infomercials after 10 at night.

I counted it, and out of the 200 plus channels that we have, my dad and I only ever watched maybe ten channels. That's 190 channels that we were paying extra for. Only 1 of which was not in the lower based package, so we lost one channel that we watched once a week for an hour, and saved $20 a month on the cable bill. Not too bad.