Thursday, July 01, 2010

Plans for today

It is a lovely sunny day outside today, and what am I doing? I am sitting here at the computer working on my websites and listening to Bones on the TV in the living room.

Dad is a cop show junkie. Law & Order is one of his favorites, but he also likes Bones and NCIS. I think that's one of the reasons he likes Supernatural, the mystery solving a case elements paired with a Science Fiction / supernatural theme that it has to it.

Provided it stays nice out and does not start raining, then my goal for tonight is to get a start on the dog fence that I keep wanting to get put up around the yard. If it is raining, then I want to get started on making the cabinet for Dad's fish tank. I've been planning how to build a cabinet for the fish tank I got him for his birthday and know how to build the basic base that will support the tank. I even have the needed materials so I just have to get the wood cut for it and get it assembled.