Thursday, July 01, 2010

I Still Got Those Weekend Market Dreams

It is summertime, which means that most weekends are filled with craft fairs and Saturday markets and other opportunities for the home based craft business owner to get out and do a bit of selling.

Had I got my quilting to take off this summer, and had someone that I could trust to help me out in the area of taking care of my dad's needs during the weekend craft bazaars and fairs, then that is where I would be this coming weekend - up at the weekend market selling quilts and handicrafts.

I do intend to one day get to a point that me and my dad can work weekend sales of craft stuff and quilts, but for now I am just looking into all of the things that could make our second business a success when we launch it. Things like the Symbol ls4278 cordless laser scanner. While this particular scanner is a bit out of range for me, it is a good example of what I would like to find for my dad to use in scanning people's purchases at a craft booth. Easily operated by one hand with no cords to be tangled and having a forgiving positioning area for data capture so that even without accurate aim, dad could catch the bar codes and help with a booth without having to manually enter each price onto the computer.

It is a small detail, but something that would make going to hours long craft fairs much more enjoyable for my dad, since he would have a task other than people watching and talking to the random old fellow soldier that happens by.