Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall clothing shopping

Going through the house trying to get ready for a fast approaching autumn I am finding that somewhere over the summer all of me and dad's winter clothes have vanished into some kind of abyss. I need to go shopping for some new clothes for both of us before winter gets here.

I'm not looking forward to going shopping for myself, since I have trouble finding petite clothing that I like in the local stores. Particularly jeans and coats. The jeans always seem to have too-long legs on them even when they are sized for petite, and the coat sleeves are either a bit too short or a bit too long.

While he is tall, my dad is at least an average size of tall, so it is much easier to find jeans and shirts that fit him nicely. Suits are, for some reason, harder to locate, but jeans and shirts are fairly easy to find in his size.