Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farmville addiction

I was talking to a friend about Farmville a few minutes ago, and the discussion moved around to me noting that I would like to have the ability in the game to place little signs that have pop up notices when you click on them.

They have a sign post that can be placed on the farm, however, when you click on the post, it opens the comment window and there is no real way to know what comment is specific to that sign (at least not that I have found). I want dedicated alert screens that have only what is on that sign so I can post things that explain stuff on the farm.

For example... I placed a crashed UFO on the farm, and I would have loved to have told this whole story about how it crashed there and how the radiation had caused the pink and green calves and stuff. A sign post I could put by the UFO would have been perfect for that if it had brought up JUST that description.

My next thought was to create a blog dedicated to the changes on my farm, but my friend, in an effort to save me from my addiction and over abundance of blogs I already have, told me I can't make one.

I might make one anyway... O:-)