Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cellular phones

I have found that cellular phones are one of those bits of technology that every time you get what is supposed to be the best of the best you have about two weeks to enjoy it before there is something better out on the market. And yet, if you pre-order the things, you risk finding out that there are issues you had not known it would have.

I have got to the point that I check out cell phone reviews the same as I would for anything else I am considering buying. I am happy with my little LG cell phone that slides up from the side to give me a full QWERTY keyboard to type on. A few months ago one of my nephews got what I had thought was a great phone with a touch screen on it. Since then I have seen multiple phone problems with his cell phone that range from an inability to turn off an alarm on it to two broken screens.

I might not have the newest and fanciest cellular phone, but I don't have screen problems and have yet to have the phone error because I held it in my hand and shorted out the cell antenna as the iPhone users had with it's phone when they released it. So, yeah.... cell phones are definitely in the 'read reviews' category from now on.