Thursday, September 16, 2010

ArtFire Group Deal for Artists

ArtFire is an artisan site to sell hand crafted items online. And, with all items listed on the site listed in the Google Shopping engine, ArtFire can bring your potential customer base up into the tens of millions every month.

Check out the ArtFire group deal that ArtFire has going now. This is a special deal that allows you to lock in a $5.95 a month subscription to the ArtFire Marketplace to sell their handcrafted art pieces. This price will activate once they get 20,000 sign ups to the Group Deal, but it is a great deal for everyone that signs up.

Where else can you pay under $6.00 a month to sell in your own marketplace with no listing fees, no commission fees, no hidden fees of any kind? Rather you are a jewelery maker, painter, doll artist or any other artisan, you need to take a moment to check out all that ArtFire has to offer.

And at $5.95 a month, this is a deal that no one should miss out on. So hurry and sign up, because there are already nearly 3,000 members as I write this.