Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family visit curtails me working

My older three siblings stopped by earlier tonight for a visit. It turned out to be less of a visit, and more of a "When can we go through all the boxes of our parents things, there is stuff in them we might want. Oh, and why don't you have everything ready to be sold at an estate sale yet? Winter is almost here and you'll lose the house with snow on the ground then the bank will decide what happens to it all so we need to do it *NOW*."

That completely obliterated my entire work night from 7pm until after 1 in the morning. All the work I had been going to get finished on the 21st, is now going to be done late and hopefully be finished on the 22nd. But that plan is not going to go smoothly, because they will be back tomorrow afternoon to start emptying the shed out and sorting out what is kept (by them) and what should be sold off at a yard sale to pay off some of the debt on the house.

I'll believe they actually want to help me when there is some proof other than they show up because there is still something here they want. If they REALLY wanted to help, then they would be helping me make quilts and paintings and hand crafted things to sell in local markets and online - NOT saying they need to go through the boxes mom packed because they want to look for things they want, and "oh, we need to yard sale the rest."