Friday, September 24, 2010

Oak Flooring

The living room floor is currently stripped down to the plywood since the living room's area rugs are all out of the room for storage until they can be properly cleaned, which has me thinking once again on how nice the room would look with hardwood flooring lain down in it.

My personal favorite would be a nice antiqued Solid Oak Flooring, such as the kind sold by easy step flooring of the UK, but I will need to wait until the room is painted before I make the final decision on flooring for it.

easy step flooring is a UK based hardwood flooring company based in Heathrow and specializing in oak flooring. While a bit far away from Alaska for me to buy from, I still adore the deep antiqued oak flooring design they show on their home page, and it is exactly what I have in mind for the living room if I go with oak.