Saturday, September 25, 2010

Power Failure Canceled Supernatural Season 6 Premier

So, last night, after I watched the TNT marathon of episodes to get back up to speed with Supernatural (even though I have been watching Season 1, 4 and 5 for a week and a half already), I tore apart the DVD recorder that my Mom had got me for my birthday years ago and dug into it to make it work again. I managed to repair the DVD recorder and get it working, and got it all set up and tested to make sure that it would record Supernatural for me. Just a precaution so that if I missed anything I would be able to re-watch the episode later.

Everything in place I settled down with everything where I wanted it and everything organized and ready to enjoy the start of Season 6.

And the power went out. High winds knocked trees into the lines and wiped out the power in three different cities across the Mat-Su Borough.

Yes, that was the scream at around 8:40 pm Alaska time that everyone heard. Power stayed out until 10:26 pm. Just long enough that I completely missed getting to watch the start of season 6 on the television. Arrrgh!