Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sore throat

My nephew passed along a nasty sore throat to me, and I'm now down to just two.. make that one sore throat drop left. I am considering now if I should just make myself something that will work, sort of a collection of mini sicker candies. Only problem is, it would just be exactly that. Sweet lollipop candy drops without any of the medication type stuff that would help heal the throat, just something to soothe the ache.

Looking at the back of the bag the ingredients are fairly basic. Menthol for a cough suppressant and oral pain reliever. Color, herbal extract, honey, natural flavors, starch syrup, and sugar.

So, if I make a tea, then use that as the base for my lollipops... What kind of teas do I have around here? First one that comes to mind is chamomile. I also have several peppermints and other spicy types, including one with orange in it.

So, I think I'll exercise my candy making skills and save on the cost to drive to the store and buy something and just make my own sore throat lozenges.