Sunday, September 26, 2010

Texas Attorneys

O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath is a Texas injury law firm based out of Austin, TX, that handles personal injury, vehicular accidents, and wrongful death lawsuits. They want to invite you to stop by their website to find out more about their services, and how they can help you.

Do you have need of a lawyer for a Trasylol lawsuit following bypass surgery or other heart surgeries that resulted in complications caused by the drug Trasylol? Also known as Aprotinin. Or maybe you are involved in an Accutane Lawsuit?

Your injuries may not be your fault, and the attorneys at O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath want to help you find some kind of justice. Visit their Frequently Asked Questions page for many answers to basic questions that you might have, then if you feel that you have an injury that demands further investigation, you can use the information on their website to contact their office for a free consultation.