Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bathroom remodel

As I think about what I want in a remodel of the bathroom, I am left to ponder a complete reconfiguration of things that would allow me to have not only a very nice bath area, but also the planned area for the hot tub that has sat or far too long out in the shed awaiting being hooked up properly.

If my current idea works out, then I should soon have a space where I can not only take showers, but where I can set up my antique vanity for things like makeup and putting on cream for face and neck, or lotion on my legs and arms, and things like that. My mom and I had wanted sort of a powder room for years, but we never got around to making one, now because of current circumstances I might just end up with the powder room I had always wanted to have. Which would be very cool.

I just can't wait to get it finished out and everything built. I am getting a bit tired of this 'in between' stage where I don't have my bathtub at the moment.