Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bathroom remodel

I got into a situation a few days ago that had me begin a remodel on the bathroom, which is going slower than planned. It had been going to be a simple swap of the old tub for a different one, but now things have got to the stage where it is more complicated than that. The new tub is too large for the space the old one came out of, so I have to re-figure how the bathroom will be arranged and temporarily trade the new (old) tub I want, for a shower stall instead. It should work out quite nicely in the long run, but I am still sorting out the details of how it is going to work. At this point I am thinking I might end up with eventual major overhauls to some things, but it should all work out nice in the long run. I hope. For now, I am just going to go with a basic swap for shower in place of shower-less bathtub so I at least have a shower.