Wednesday, October 27, 2010

District 9 - very very slow start

Another movie I tr4ied to watch the other night was District 9. I can only hope that it picked up after the first half an hour of movie, but at 25 minutes into it I was so damn tired of listening to the documentary style explanations that I fell asleep. I had decided to watch it as a way to help me stay awake, but it was far too slow and uninteresting in the beginning that I left off watching it and went to watch Zombieland instead. Still slept through the start of Zombieland because I was too out of it from trying to watch the first half hour of District 9.

I plant to try to finish District 9 one of these days, just because it was one that me and my dad had thought looked worth watching, but I am not going to do it when I am at risk for falling asleep. No.

Movie rating will be withheld until I can see enough to make a good call on it, but the first half an hour should not be watched when you are inclined to falling asleep - unless that is your goal.