Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hunting for jobs online

Being able to search for work online is a major bonus in a place like Alaska, where I am fifteen miles from the nearest decently sized city, and over 70 miles from the large city of Anchorage. Getting out to drive from place to place in search of a job that may or may not have already been filled is expensive, and in the winter time it can be dangerous on icy roads.

It makes a lot more since to hunt for jobs from the warmth and safety of my home computer, then be able to follow up on the ones that look promising. It is a lot more sensible to me to be able to look up work online and check into possible jobs I might qualify for, than trying to drive 30 miles in the snow and icy conditions to find out that either the three places I wanted to work are no longer hiring, or there were specific job qualifications that I had not known about.