Thursday, October 28, 2010

Online Games Like FrontierVill and FarmVille can be annoying

In an effort to waste time between things I am doing, I have taken to playing FrontierVille on Facebook... I am getting highly annoyed by the pop ups that keep showing up in the middle of the game. I have been steadily saving up my horse shoes that are earned with each level up on the game, so that I can get a autumn decoration cornucopia before they are no longer available. I JUST got to the point I can get the cornucopia and a pop up appears on the screen "You are out of energy!!! Buy more for 10 horseshoes!!" I was in the process of trying to click on something on the farm and if I had had ten instead of 8 it would have wasted my horseshoes and REALLY ticked me off.

Note to game programmers - knock off the damn pop up notifications on the games. They are annoying and make people stop playing. I spend a lot of money on FarmVille and am considering spending money on FrontierVille, you DO NOT need to make it annoying to players. can't we turn them things off?