Thursday, October 21, 2010

Life is starting to level back out I think

It has been a long hard stretch, but I think I have finally sorted out most of what has to be done in the weeks following my dad's passing. I had a crazy time for a while there with all the bills that had to be paid off and getting things switched around and having family in and out moving things around and collecting furniture and things that was left to them by my parents - it's been very insane and I have been on the run more than able to relax, then left completely unfocused when I could relax.

Now, however, everything should be done and I should just have stray odds and ends to deal with on paperwork to be filled out and turned in and things I need to do to get my work back on track and start expanding my business so it will produce enough of an income to offset the balance back into my favor rather than being in the red on finances.