Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Help! Windows 7 has kidnapped me and won't let me go!

So, I purchsed a new work computer from Wal-Mart. It has Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed on it. I tried to install my ATI Radeon 9000 multi-monitor card onto the computer and... the card does not work with Windows 7, it only works with up to Windows XP. Okay, that SUCKS, so I went to town and purchased a Arkview USB to DVI/VGA/HDMI External Video Adapter from the local computer shop (who I just discovered charged me almost twice what I could have got it from Amazon!). The box said that it is Windows 7 compatible, so okay, I try to install it on my new computer... It is NOT compatible and when I try to install the driver that makes it work from their website it says that it appears to have been modified, so Windows 7 will not run it (I can't even say "go ahead, I understand risks", it just flat will not run it. ARGH!!!).

So. I decide that I want rid of Windows 7 so I go to Microsoft to investigate what my options are. I have none. Windows 7 can be downgraded, BUT...

"• Other OEM Windows 7 versions (for instance, Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Premium) do not include downgrade rights." (emphasis added by me) --- aka, I am SOL, I can not downgrade my version of Windows 7 to the MUCH better Windows XP because now that Microsoft has trapped me with Windows 7 they REFUSE to let me downgrade my PERSONAL HOME USE computer to the lower level of Windows that ALL of my stuff is compatible with.

What. The. F***???????

I do not want Windows 7, I want Windows XP so that I can use my stuff that I have put a LOT of money into! ARGH!!!

So, yeah, Windows 7 has trapped me and they refuse to let me go. ~I suddenly hate Microsoft~

Okay, I edit this post to update information on my progress. It turns out that the reason the Arkview USB adapter thing was not working was because your video card must be WDDM compliant. Any video cards over 4 years old are NOT WDDM compliant. Which means my Radeon is not. I still had the Radeon card in the computer, so the Arkview was not working. Once I realized that and removed the Radeon card, the Arkview adapter started working as soon as I turned the computer back on.

Now I can not wait to buy several more of those cards, I can according to the card run up to six of them! But I am NOT buying from local computer store again, I will buy from online instead. I can get new ones for under 1/3rd what the computer store charged me by buying new ones from eBay sellers.