Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bathroom remodel is making progress

The bathroom remodel is making serious progress today. I spent the day working on getting tiles laid down with the help of my brothers, and situating the shower/tub stall in position. There is one piece that we need to get for the drain, which one of my brothers will pick up in town tomorrow, then I should be showering in my own shower tomorrow night (rather than traipsing across to my brother's place).

Tonight I am getting the grout all put in between the tiles properly and making sure that everything is settling properly and drying right. Then tomorrow we'll be putting in the surround and shelves on either end of the tub.

I can't wait to see it all finished and done rather than the half stripped bath I had been living with for a while here. It was all still functional (save for a couple days I had no bathing facilities) but by tomorrow it will be done and everything should (as long as there are no setbacks) be completed and ready for me to start staking towels on the shelves and decorating stuff.