Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paper Clutter-Bunnies

There has got to be a better way to run a home based business than the piles of papers that keep taking over my desk. And the chair beside it, and the bookcase, and... every flat surface including the walls and floor.

I'm starting to think that the old saying about a cluttered living area makes for a cluttered mind. Maybe I would focus better if I set up some kind of document management software to keep this mess under control and tucked out of sight without fear that it would be lost and forgotten.

That's why I keep all the paperwork everywhere. I set the bills that need to be paid up on the bookshelf, and the mail that has to be looked through again under the edge of the monitors, and the things I am working on strewn along the desk beside me and the shelf above it and the things I am currently working on or needs immediate attention on the desk in font of me, under my keyboard or on the chair beside me. Important notes and pages I need to keep focused on can find themselves taped to the back of the door or the wall and things that are needed close at hand get piled onto the second chair... only when someone comes by and we need that chair to sit and talk I move that stuff over to another surface or sit it on the floor and it never gets back to where it had come from.

Probably sounds very familiar to any other small business owners buried under paper clutter. huh? I think once things get caught up this weekend I am going to spend a day mid-week next week on getting my paper clutter-bunnies contained and stop their prolific breeding.