Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still trying to start work, 5 months after I should have been hired

Yesterday I went to the local UPS Store to get a copy of my fingerprints so that the place I will be working through as a caregiver can run my prints through the Federal Government. It is a new policy they are just now starting to do, I'm the first one they are requiring a Federal background check on before they hire me.

Today I got a call from them. They had called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me they had everything they needed from the State, and that the State had told them to hire me. According to the State offices, in fact, I should have been hired on back in January and been working since then.

The place I am supposed to work for, however, wants the judge signed paperwork as proof that the person I will be taking care of has a legal guardian to sign for their care. They have received the paperwork from the lawyer, and notice from the State that I am cleared by the State and to be hired, but the call today was to see if the papers are here yet from the court system with the judge's signature on them.

They sounded very reluctant to the idea of hiring me, but agreed that the State said that I am to be hired so they will, but they want the judge signed paperwork ASAFP. I can't really blame them on that, but I also can't help but wonder how much of the delays are actually necessary when the State of Alaska thought I was employed back in January.

It is starting to frustrate me, since I have long since hit the end of my emergency funds and am now scraping by on promising places I will get them their money ASAFP to keep my utilities on until I have started the work that is months past when it should have started.