Friday, May 20, 2011

Wedding Dress Styles

I suppose that I am a glutton for punishment. Each spring finds me looking at the latest wedding dress fashions. Daydreams dancing in the back of my mind about what it would have been like to dress up in a flowing white gown layered under yards of delicate lace and walk down a carpet in a garden on my dad's arm. I love the look of the old fashioned bridal gowns with long trains and veils. I also love the garden setting more than a church - unless I had the option of walking down the aisle of a medieval cathedral in England.

The more more casual style of wedding gown known as the destination wedding dress is, I admit, a lovely elegant styling of dress, but it has never been my style. With most of them lacking the traditional yards of long flowing fabrics, void of thick ruffly petticoats, and barren of the layers upon layers of delicate lacework, destination wedding dresses appear far more streamlined than your more formal wedding dresses that a bride would wear walking down the aisle of a church and are more suited to the garden or beach settings.

The destination dress, or casual wedding dress, is one of elegance much like the basic black cocktail dress. Designed to accentuate the beauty of the bride and provide her the freedom of movement that a destination wedding demands. I suppose that might be part of the reason I shy away from them. Having a few extra pounds, it seems to me it would be more easily hidden by a flowy lace covered dress than the straight lines of the casual gowns.