Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New cigarette pack warning labels

There are going to be new warning labels on cigarette packs. Rather than the basic label on the side that warns smokers of the dangers of smoking, there will instead be a full half-pack picture, on both sides of the pack, that shows a variety of images such as a guy after he was autopsied, a blackened lung shown beside healthy lings, a fellow with his head tilted back apparently unresponsive as he breathes with the help of an oxygen mask, an emancipated woman sobbing... they are fairly graphic images, intended to shock and force smokers to see the effects of smoking each time they reach for a cigarette.

The new packaging will be released in September 2012, and will be required on all cigarette packs and advertising. The FDA requires the top 50% of both the front and back of a pack of cigarettes be labeled with the new warning labels, as well as 20% of the upper section of any advertisements.

In November of 2010 the FDA released 36 proposed imaged for public comment, and today, June 21, 2011, they announced their pick of nine warning label images.

By September 22, 2012 cigarettes can no longer be manufactured or advertised without the new labels, and by October 22, 2012 cigarette manufacturers can no longer distribute cigarettes without the new warning labels on them.

Below is one of the tamer of the images...

To see all of the proposed images go to FDA Cigarette Warning Labels and select individual labels out of the listing on the left side of the screen.