Monday, June 06, 2011

Rewriting History

I was watching the news a little while ago, Anderson Cooper was talking about Sarah Palin, and he said that over the weekend some pro-Palin supporters responded to her version of Paul Revere's historic ride by... changing history.

I counted 24 revisions on 5 June 2011, to the Paul Revere page at Wikipedia in their Paul Revere Page Revision History, and in their article on the incident CBS News stated that the Wiki editors quickly tired of the situation.

The discussions on the Paul Revere entry have, indeed, heated up regarding rather the entry for needs to be edited to reflect Palin's version of history or left as they were before her input on what Paul Revere was up to.

What do you think? Did Palin have it right, should history be rewritten to mesh together events? I would love to hear your input on this.