Monday, July 25, 2011

Another day to sleep through

The day started out pretty much like Sunday had, which is not saying a lot for how my day has gone. Sunday was the day from hell, and all I wanted to do by 7pm (which was when I woke up) was go back to bed.

The first thing I had happen today was a phone call at 8 am from a telemarketer type person. They apologized that where they were it was 11 am.

After that I realized that I had not got my laundry done so had to run the washer and dryer before I could hop in the shower. Hop in the shower and.. COLD!! omg. Cold showers are not the best thing in the world. Especially not when the house had a slight chill to it already.

You would think that would be sufficient, but no... I then ended up getting to the gas station only to discover that my car's battery would not restart the car at the gas station. ::pounds head on steering wheel::: At least my oldest brother was able to come give me a jumpstart (and loaned me a portable jumper deal until I can get a new battery).

Things thankfully went a bit better after that, even if my month's paycheck is about $200 shy of actually paying all the bills. I at least made it home without any issues, and even remembered to get the poor three little tetras their food (which was even on sale).

I've done away with my TV box and am now running only local channels, finally! Only kept it to watch Chaos, and that has now been canceled, so there's no need to keep paying &70 a month for TV I rarely watch. Will figure something out when Supernatural comes back in September, but until then I am going to be enjoying watching TV online or on local stations.

Right now, though, I am trying to decide between bed or dinner. Sleep sounds really good.