Monday, July 11, 2011

Barcodes are everywhere - right?

Now days it seems like there is not much that does not have a barcode on it, in fact, I can not think of the last time I saw a product that did not have a little white box of lines intended to make life easier on clerks by letting them use barcode scanners to ring up your purchases. Until today.

I was at the local warehouse food store and decided that since I was buying a large bag of mozzarella cheese, I should break down and buy some storage bags to break it up so I could freeze most of it and use it a little at a time throughout the month.

Picking up a box of freezer bags I went to look for the barcode so I could confirm the price under them matched the barcode. No barcode on the box. Okay, how long have those been on that shelf?

I finally sorted out that the warehouse had broken up a few of the 4 pack cases that were on the shelf below the single boxes, and that is why there was no barcode. It was not originally intended to be sold as an individual unit. Made sense, but it still threw me for a little while to find a product now days that did not have a barcode on it.