Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ring Cleaning

When a lady gets engaged she wants the world to know. The diamond on her finger is a promise of everlasting love, but it does not always stay as brilliant as it looked when it was first seen in that velvet lined box from the jewelers.

Daily life takes its toll on your lovely ring, and this will help you sort out how to care for your engagement ring to protect it from the elements of every day life that seek to dull it's luster.

There are two ways in which a diamond engagement ring can safely be cleaned. If the ring is heavily soiled, then you can take it to a professional cleaner and they will clean it using an ultrasonic process. That is the extreme end of the process though. The low-tech method, perfectly suited to any and all average accumulation of hand lotions or sunscreen, is to pour a little liquid soap into a small bowl of warm water and use an old soft-bristle toothbrush to gently clean your ring.