Saturday, July 02, 2011

Weekend spent sewing

I can't remember the last time I actually took time off from work, which is, I know, what happens when you run your own business. The trouble is, instead of working one job, I have found myself working three jobs to try to keep up with bills.

I work during the afternoons and early evenings as a caregiver. Thankfully it does not require me to change into medical uniforms or anything, since I care for the person in my own home, but it is still a constant 'on alert' job. It also is only a part-time pay job, so I still rely, heavily, on my writing work to help make sure that ends meet somewhere just past the middle.

I manage to tug the ends a bit more toward the middle, but not quite out of the red, by doing some sewing and embroidery work on the side. And I do other miscellaneous odd work here and there as I can find things that will pay enough to not lose money doing them, such as an upcoming gig as a face painter for the local Independence Day festivities.

Amazingly, while I do not have much time for myself, I do manage to find a few hours of sleep in the evenings. Today my the espresso maker built into my coffee maker has started to become my best friend, I don't usually use it, but I have discovered it really is a great way to get myself woke back up quick and ready to tackle work once again. Which brings me up to the holiday weekend providing caregiver services and sitting at the computer working to catch up on my writing work rather than being out.