Friday, August 26, 2011

I really need a decent job.

Searching for additional work to make ends meet is starting to become a daily thing for me. I left a message on Monday with someone that I was hoping might provide a weekends evening shift job in the caregiver sphere, which would mesh perfectly into what I used to do for my parents, and would be an evening weekend task, so it would not conflict with the care I am providing part time now. Unfortunately I never heard back on the job, will check and if it is still posted, I'll give them another call Monday, see if they filled it yet.

Right now I would take about anything from bagger at a convenience store to mall Optometrist Jobs if it fit into my present schedule and allowed me to earn enough to keep my parents' house. I'm just being knocked flat by the dang economy and little to no work for writers at this time. What work there is is low pay for hard work. In what free time I do have, I am working on teaching myself a range of healthcare stuff at online universities that offer free classes. I'm hoping it will help when I try to get a better paying job later on.