Sunday, September 04, 2011

Autumn is here

It seems like such a brief time ago that I looked out the window and the trees were just starting to get new leaf buds on them. Now, as I sit at the computer and look out at the trees I can see the yellow leaves speckled across the greenery.

Autumn is here, and I am still wondering where spring went. I stepped out onto the porch this afternoon and noted the little potato plant that had never got re-potted this spring had wilted, so out of curiosity I opened the little paper planter pot up and discovered a tiny green potato about the size of a marble.

I can't wait to unearth the potato plants that did get re-potted, see what they have, but at the same time it is a bittersweet thing. I'll get fresh home-grown potatoes for stew, and yet be only weeks to days away from snow fall.

I am so not ready for summer to end, I spent far too much of it trying to hold on tight to my home - and still don't know how that is going to turn out.