Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bookbinding workspace in the planning stages

I've been working hard on making some books to take to the craft fair on the 1st, it has me making notes on my wish list for what I want when I get my bookbinding area set up properly.

I need to have some work area spot lights, which I already have a few of those, and I need a place I can use my table saw, sander, router and scrollsaw all in an area I can vent the dust away from myself. I also need to be able to keep the dust away from my paper and computers, not good for either one of them. That means I am going to need at least a couple of surge protectors, one for the saws and Dremels, and one for the computer and printer and my letting set.

I can't wait to get things set up for a real bookbinding setup, then I'll be able to not only sell at craft fairs, but in online stores as well. Hopefully it will provide me a new income source to help make ends meet.