Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I bought a pork shoulder in town last night and put it into my crock pot, made BBQ pulled pork sandwich filler out of it. I have to admit that making the stuff was not too easy, very messy to shred three pounds of pork with two forks, but the end result was very good. I packaged the leftovers up into just enough to make a couple of sandwiches each pouch and put in the freezer to get out and heat up later on this month. I think I'll make some of my home made hoagie rolls and use them for the sandwiches, they would taste really good together.


Empoprises said...

The Radio Shack Battery Club AND pulled pork sandwiches? Now this is a blog that I like! :)

Hint: add bacon to the pulled pork sandwich.!/empoprises/status/105031756821970945