Friday, October 07, 2011

Where is Anchorage?

Last night I was standing at one of those Red Box kiosks in the middle of downtown Wasilla when a car with three kids I guess must have been in their early to mid 20's pulled up behind me and the young lady in the driver's seat asked if I could tell them how to get to Anchorage.

Did you ever have one of those situations where you are wondering what you are missing about what sounds like a too simple question, so you start questioning yourself about the answer? Yeah, I had one at that point. I pointed to the Parks Highway - directly in front of them about 30 feet, and told them to get on that road and keep going straight ahead, they'll pass Target out at the edge of town, just keep on going. Then I hesitated, my brain went - too simple, what's missing, and I had to replay the route really quick in my head to make sure that yes, if they just take a left on the Parks highway and keep going it will take them directly to Anchorage. You need to jog off of the highway after about 10 miles I think to get to Palmer, that is a confusing mess, but if you just stay on the Parks you will drive into downtown Anchorage.

First time in my life anyone has ever had to ask me how to get to Anchorage, so I was just a bit thrown by how simple the answer to the question is.