Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alaskan foot warmer

Sitting here with freezing toes I have come up with an Alaskan foot warmer idea. I put two of the spare fire bricks I have by the fire while I went hunting more materials. First was an old cookie sheet that was slated to be tossed out. Air insulated core on it. Nice for a buffer. Put an old cotton quilt down, folded about 6 times or so, then put a towel on it. Put a folded towel on the cookie sheet. Set bricks on the towel, folded it back over again over the bricks and got fluffy towel and folded it and put it on top that, set on top of folded towel and quilt and tuck feet under top fold of topmost towel and bingo! Foot warmer. Works really good. REALLY good. Feet warmed right up by it.