Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas gift ideas for younger kids

While it is nice to have adult parties and festive cheer for the holidays, Christmas time really is for children. The delight of the little eyes as they stare at the glowing lights. Their wonderment as they gaze at the sky, watching for a sleigh pulled by reindeer. The anticipation of baking cookies to leave out for Santa and their cries of joy at the sight of a tree with presents underneath it.

Along with all of the dolls, teddy bears and other toys this holiday season delight your little one with a special present that will become a loved treasure throughout the years. From dolls to teddy bears, blanket play mats to toy chests, custom toys for babies are a great gift idea for any little one. Look for something sturdy that can survive the abuse of childhood and become an heirloom they will love.

Embroidered plush toys or wooden name plates are a great gift that hold timeless possibilities. The trick is to get something basic and simple that can be displayed in a bedroom throughout their childhood, taken away as a little something from home when they go off to college, and given a place of honor in their home of the future.