Friday, November 18, 2011

Bastard invader players in Dark Souls

I am sitting here waiting for my nephew to get back with 2 gallons of heating fuel to allow me to keep the house warm enough I can survive another night and across the room I hear funny noises from the game he left on pause. Well... not exactly on pause, because you can't pause Dark Souls, but he was playing when I ran out of wood so he left his character sitting in what should have been a safe place at a bonfire while he went out at -11 (damn that temp is dropping FAST!!! - going to be -20 by morning) anyway... he went out at -11 F (that's -23.88 Celsius) to drop my last $10 into heating fuel and I hear noises on the machine across the room.

Some bastard invaded the world on Dark Souls and seeing the character standing in a pause posture beside a bonfire attacked and killed my nephew's character in the time it took me to get across the room and try to get the controller to defend against the attack. Then the bastard did a victory leap. I would have reported them, but my fingers are freezing and by the time I got sorted out how to report the bastard he was gone and I couldn't report him. (or her)

People. When you play a game like that, have a half a ounce of decency and don't kill another player's character when you see they are afk. There MIGHT be a good reason why they went afk and you are just a coward for killing a character that obviously has no player on the other controller. If you don't want a fair fight, don't invade other worlds. Chickenshit.