Friday, November 18, 2011

Dang invaders on Dark Souls - that HURT!

Okay, now I am annoyed at the people on Dark Souls that invade other player's worlds and attack them. I just had to try to defend my nephew's character for the second time, some player named "bothhobbit" or something like that invaded and seeing the character at rest beside a bonfire attacked the character and killed them. And for the same damn single humanity that could have been got just by beating up the three rats by the bridge dragon a few times. What really annoys me this time, I tried to get across the room to save my nephew's character and accidentally kicked a chair leg - cold foot, chair leg... OUCH!! Feels like I broke three toes, but think they're just badly bruised.

This time I was able to indict the invader, and I dare anyone to invade now that my nephew's back and his character is no longer defenseless, you cowards. The game needs some sort of conference call services reviews that could be used to allow players to sort out who is indicted just for beating someone up and who is indicted for a cowardly act such as attacking a character that obviously does not have a player trying to fight back.