Friday, November 18, 2011

I can see my breath... at the computer

I used to find it so funny when I was around ten and I could see my breath when I went outside. I would bundle up in my snow pants and jacket and tuck my hat on, gloves tugged onto my hands as I dashed out into the snow to play. Of course, I also thought it was hilarious to see my dad come in and reach around to make sure he did not bump into anything because his glasses had fogged over.

I stopped thinking fogged glasses were so funny when it started happening to my own glasses, and being able to see my breath is a lot less entertaining when I am watching my breath between me and the keyboard as I sit at the computer to work.

Spent all night awake last night to keep the house warm with the fireplace, now I am sitting here waiting for water to heat on the stove for hot cocoa as I gimp along on what little wood I have and hope my nephew can get his chainsaw working and bring me more firewood to see me through tonight.