Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Green Lantern - well worth watching

I finally got a chance to watch Green Lantern last night. Very good movie, that I recommend to anyone that likes Green Lantern. I read the Green Lantern Corps back in the 1980's and recognized a few of the other Lanterns they showed in the film.

Most importantly was something my nephew noted about the movie. He had liked to read Spiderman when he was a kid, and he was disappointed with the movies because he said they made Peter Parker a little too whiny in them. He found it hard to actually like the character, and I agree. I watched Spiderman once and that was enough, especially for the movies that followed. In Green Lantern they avoided what my nephew said was sort of a trend in making the hero whiny. Yes, Hal has his moments of not being sure that he should be a hero, and he does a bit of showing off, but even when he is showing off to his friend, he's not being a idiot about it, he is actually reacting like you would expect a competent and intelligent adult to be acting in the situation.

I rented it last night, but I know that Green Lantern is one that I will buy on DVD when I get the money to pick it up. I can easily re-watch it from time to time. If my DVD player was not acting up and I did not have to work on the computer I would be re-watching it again now before it has to go back this afternoon.