Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Poor little convertible is parked for the winter

I find it highly frustrating to not be able to get my poor little convertible out the driveway, but my brother's truck got stuck when what had been a thick layer of snow in the driveway turned to a thick layer of slush. Nearly a foot of compressed snow was hit by a warm snap a few days ago, and became slush, so as soon as my brother drove over it with his big pickup it created deep ridges. Then when his truck hit the still slick ice at the bottom it got stuck and we had to wrangle and rodeo it out, which left the driveway a mess of high ridges and low wheel tracks. That then froze before it could get plowed out of there.

My little car, with its maybe six inches of clearance, does not stand a chance in that nightmare of a driveway until next spring. So I will keep going out and sweeping my baby off each time it snows on it, but I already know she's not moving until sometime next April.

As much as I love my little convertible, there are times when being sleek and low slung is not a good thing in a car. Such as the ice ravines that she now can not get across in the driveway. I'm not even sure I can work on the undercarriage on the car. It is too low to the ground to fit under it without an automobile lift to raise the car up where you can get down there. So even though I know how to do it, and have my dad's old grease gun for greasing the car, I'll need to take her to a shop to get her underbelly greased when the time comes for that.

I need to find a nice cold weather place in the lower 48 and take her out to sunny climates when the weather turns bad next year. She's made to cruise along the coastal highways with the top down, not slide from destination to destination in ice and snow with the heater going full bore.